The History of Flour Sack Towels

Printed flour sack towels are not a new invention. Historically actual flour sacks were printed with information about the mill that the flour was coming from. During times of economic hardship these same bags were often cut, resown and used to make clothing, quilts, coats, strainers and even rag dolls.

Flour sack towels originated from their namesake. Thick, rough cotton was historically used to transport flour and keep it safe from pests, rats and moisture. During the great depression these sacks were repurposed as a cheap way to transport food and goods. As the American economy recovered and plastics came into use, flour sack towels fell out of day to day use and became used more as decorative towels in the kitchen. 

Today flour sack towels are frequently used in domestic residences for decorative purposes as well as practical uses like cleaning glass and straining broth. Most flour sack towels today come from big cotton manufacturing countries like Turkey, India, China and the United States.